Free Telecomm services to Migrant Labourers.

Stranded Migrants.

Recently Priyanka Gandhi urged Telecom companies to provide free services to migrant workers who are stranded far away from their homes. In this critical times of covid-19 ,it has become necessary for the stranded migrant workers to communicate with their dear ones. They are now without jobs,money and family. 

 But it will be hard for Telecom service providers to determine who is an actual migrant worker . If sim card from home state is being used at the  stranded state,the person is on roaming ,can be considered as a migrant needing free services.But may users take sim cards the state they work .This makes it more confusing.

As an universal service obligation at this critical time, irrespective of status of a Telecom services user,a free talk time of 60 to 120 minutes and a data of 100 MB should be provided daily till this covid-19 pandemic ends.This will surely suffice the needs of the stranded migrants. Department of Telecom or Ministry of Communication should pursue with the Telecom providers in this regard.