Covid-19: How scrutiny of people’s movement can save Mankind from Future Pandemics

With irrepressible surge in  covid-19 pandemic cases in the United States and the world,there was never a greater need of scrutiny on people’s movement than today. As the virus spread with social contact , curbing people’s movement and lockdown played  the biggest factor in flattening the exponential curve of new infected cases. 

The cases expands with semblance to a nuclear reaction pattern as generally in nature with all Viral spreads. One infected person in a New York Supermarket can transfer the virus to a cluster,then new infected persons belonging to the cluster may further engander new clusters in a Manhattan restaurant,at Adventurers Amusement Park ,at Los Angeles International Airport.If Federal Government can monitor and assess the history of contacts an infected person made,then it  become easier to track the consequent contacts.

But how should United States’ Administration collude with monitoring of public movements ? Invariably, in these times with every persons’ movement, accompanies a mobile phone . Administration can target this gadget for tracking which is tantamount to tracking a person. A mobile phone can be located under a Base Station Tower when user is communicating by exchanging signals. But a challenging situation shall arise to determine the  exact  location of the mobile user as  Mobile Switching Center cannot determine the exact location other than one of the three sectors each.

A more practical and refined approach would be to use Global Positioning Sytem inbuilt with almost all features rich mobiles.But to extract the location from the mobile , an active data connection and an unconstrained Accord of the user is indispensable.

This voluntary sharing of one’s location is the preeminent hindrance along with the public resistance to lurking eye on their maneuvering-privacy . A bill should be tabled at US House of Representatives for debating on privacy aspect in this endeavor, rooting for revisiting a person’s whereabouts only when utterly necessary as in the present covid-19 pandemic situation.

Once this resistance is overcomed, every operating software updates in mobiles should be instilled with an automatic location-history sharing .This way the contracts made by the infected  can be determined by the locations stored by mobile service providers.If implemented worldwide ,any future pandemic can be controlled long before it’s pervasiveness.